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MLH CHD Symposium 2015CHD Symposium 2016, July 22-23 in Chicago: REGISTER HERE

Back to School: ABC's for CHD Kids

It’s back to school time and Mended Little Hearts and American ID would like to pass along some tips to make the new year a safe one! Click here to read more. Mended Little Hearts members receive a 10% discount if they buy a Medical ID product using this link:

Stitch the CHD Lion

Mended Little Hearts has launched Adventures with Stitch to spread CHD Awareness not just in February, but throughout the year.

Help Mended Little Hearts' mascot, Stitch the CHD Lion, create a ROAR about CHD in the nation.

The campaign is simple: 

  1. Print out Stitch the CHD Lion.
  2. Color Stitch. 
  3. Take him on your day to day adventures, taking photos. (See attached info collage.)
  4. Share the photos on social media using Stitch's hashtag #StitchTheCHDLion

Please click HERE for the Stitch graphic and an additional graphic that can be posted on FB, to show people how fun and easy this campaign is. Please click HERE for the press release.

Have fun!

Roar 'N Run 2015

Choose Your Distance...race for CHD Awareness!

Roar 'N Run 2015Help us create a ROAR and raise awareness of the #1 birth defect in the U.S., congenital heart defects (CHD), and get your heart in shape too. Choose your distance and walk, jog or run anywhere you would like. You have a whole week to complete your chosen distance during the Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week, February 7-14, 2015.

Register today for only $25 and get a commemorative medal too. Go to and register for Roar ‘N Run 2015 (location everywhere if searching).

Create teams and ask friends and family to join you.Become a fundraiser too and help Mended Little Hearts reacheven more families.

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MLH New LogoMended Little Hearts Announces
New Logo!

We’re excited to share with you our new, updated logo.

The red ribbon simultaneously celebrates and mends the heart. It is a symbol of passion, strength, action, and perseverance.

Mended Little Hearts is a powerful, recognized brand that has touched millions of patients and provides support to hundreds of thousands of patients and families every year. Our new logo embraces our long history of service and represents a bright future for this compassionate, caring organization.

World Heart Race 2014

Join us for the World Heart Race!
September 22-29, 2014

We raised awareness of congenital heart disease in the U.S. with our Roar 'N Run Virtual Race. Now help us raise awareness of congenital heart disease around the world by joining us for the World Heart Race 2014.

The World Heart Race is a virtual race, meaning there is not a physical location for the event--you do it anywhere you choose.


Registration is only $25, and the first 500 will receive a commemorative medal. All participants will receive a World Heart Race certificate. When you register, you can choose a distance of 5K, 10K, 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles--whatever goal works best for you.

The event will take place during the week of September 22-29 (ending on World Heart Day), so you have an entire week to complete the distance you have chosen in any manner you choose (run, walk or jog outside, inside, on a treadmill, etc.). Participants are on the honor system to complete their mileage, and we are encouraging you to email us your progress and pictures of who you are racing in honor or memory of so we can inspire other racers.

All participants can also fundraise if they choose. Funds raised will go to the Mended Little Hearts program to help us reach more families with children who have congenital heart disease, especially those in the hospital. A portion will also go to the World Heart Federation in support of World Heart Day 2014 to create healthier heart environments around the world.

Questions: Contact Jodi Lemacks at or 804-419-7028.

Congenital Heart Defect 101

Learn about some of the major structural heart defects and how they occur. This is an overview and can help you understand these defects so you can give support to others and have a better understanding of CHDs in general.

Mended Little Hearts Announces Valerie Azlynn as National Spokesperson

Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Organization, Mended Little Hearts is proud to announce its partnership with its first ever celebrity spokesperson, Valerie Azlynn. Azlynn will appear in online video campaigns, the Mended Little Hearts website and the organization’s Facebook and Twitter pages. More »

Join the Mended Little Hearts Care Bag Drive

Mended Little Hearts provides care bags to let families know that we care and that they are not alone. Families are connected to a caring support network and given educational materials to help them cope. More »



"Thanks again. This support group is very inspiring and I am not sure how I would be coping if it weren't for the people, support, and information Mended Little Hearts provides."
- Amanda Stewart, Mom to Cuyler
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Inspire Online Community


MLH CHD Symposium 2016
July 22-23 in Chicago
CHD Symposium Agenda

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