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It's Open Enrollment Time: Tips for Choosing Health Insurance

Stephanie Mohl of the American Heart Association speaks about key decisions when choosing health insurance, new insurance options, and other helpful tools.


Exercise and Congenital Heart Disease

Dr. Nicolas Madsen talks to CHD parents, patients and families about exercise for the CHD patient.


The Economic Burden of Congenital Heart Disease
Treatment on Families

Jean Connor PhD, RN, CPNP, Director of Nursing Research for Cardiovascular & Critical Care Services at Children's Hospital of Boston, will present information on the economic burden of congenital heart disease treatment on families. Rising healthcare costs and cost shifting by employers, healthcare organizations and insurers have resulted in higher out-of-pocket payments for families who have insurance. For families of children with congenital heart disease (CHD), medical and non-medical costs associated with the condition begin almost immediately. Medical and surgical advances in the treatment of CHD have allowed previously life-threatening defects to be managed as chronic illnesses. This webinar will review research conducted by Jean Connor on the meaning of cost for families of children with CHD.


Cardiac Catheterization

In this webinar, Dr. James Kuo of Cook Children's will talk about cardiac catheterization. Many children with congenital heart disease will need a cardiac catheterization at some point in their lives, and this can be scary for kids and their families. Dr. Kuo will explain what cardiac catheterization is, why it is done, how it is done, and what else can be done during a catheterization. We hope this information will make parents and caregivers feel more empowered when making choices in caring for their children.


Congenital Heart Defect 101

Learn about some of the major structural heart defects and how they occur. This is an overview and can help you understand these defects so you can give support to others and have a better understanding of CHDs in general.


Common Rhythm Issues in Children

Presented by Beth Jarosz, RN, MS and Vicki Freedenberg, RN, PhD of Children’s National Heart Institute.


Trans-catheter Valve Replacement in Children

This webinar explains Trans-catheter valve replacement in children and teens--what it is, how it works, and the risks and benefits.


Neurodevelopmental Issues in CHD Kids

In this webinar, Dr. Brad Marino talks about neurodevelopmental issues that can happen in children with congenital heart defects, how parents can recognize them and what resources are available to parents and caregivers.




“Few things are as traumatic for parents as learning that their child or newborn has congenital heart disease. Mended Little Hearts has been a steadfast helper at these times supplying support and even a ‘travel pack’ for mothers of newborns who need to be life-flighted to another state for heart surgery. As the old song says, “Nobody does it better!”
- John Spangler, M.D., Medical Director, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
University of South Dakota, Associate Professor of Pediatrics
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